You may already have come across it, as it was the first symbol of the Mikuno Créations brand. I reproduced it, adding a small personal touch to its vibration level, so as to connect the cosmo-telluric energies to mine. Thanks to this detail, every Mikuno Flower of Life, made out of stainless steel, follows the planet's vibration level changes.
The Flower of Life is part of the main sacred geometry symbols. It is a tool allowing equilibrium, hamony, and protection on Earth. When carrying it on yourself, it acts kinda like a battery for your vibration level. With the border, its action radius is twice the Flower of Life's size, whereas without the border, the radius is much larger. It helps to sleep, soothing pain, and with the healing of the body's vibration level.
At home, it brings harmony to the rooms. It may also be placed under a water pitcher to energize the water, under a plant to help it keep its vigor, under a fruit basket, charge the stones placed on top of it, etc.
The Flower of Life needn't be cleaned or recharged, as it recharges itself. It is made out of 7 main circles, with a total of 19 circles.
While meditation, you may also use it to "see" your position on your life's path. If you look at its straight median line (the spiritual path), the 7 intersections represent the 7 chakras, the Heart chakra being in the middle, just like everything related to the number 7.
It is available with and without a border, in different sizes: 1.6, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0cm, as well as 7.7, 11.11, 20, 30, 40, and 50 cm.

It may be golden PVD in all sizes up to 3.0cm, or made out of golden powder coated stainless steel in all sizes equal or greater than 7.7cm.

Lotus Flower of Life

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